Fans roast Netflix for calling surprise ‘Red Notice’ cameo iconic

red notice

Based on the early viewership figures, which touted the movie as having the most-watched opening day and debut weekend in the platform’s history, the chances are high that you’ve seen Red Notice by now if you’ve got a Netflix subscription.

The fairly dismal reviews and low Rotten Tomatoes score have been offset massively by an audience rating that’s almost three times as high, but that hasn’t stopped Twitter users from piling onto the streamer’s official account after it may have jumped the gun somewhat when it comes to the surprise cameo appearance at the end.

As you’ll no doubt be aware, Ed Sheeran shows up for no discernible reason other than to poke fun at himself and his derided guest spot on Game of Thrones, and the internet is in firm disagreement with the company over the word ‘iconic’.

If you trawl through the replies then you’ll see that plenty of people do agree with the sentiment, though, so it’s not a unanimous decision by any means. Ed Sheeran cameos could be lurking around every corner, but it would be a stretch to call the musician’s self-effacing minute of screentime in Red Notice as an iconic moment in the annals of cinematic history, even if it was pretty funny for how jarringly unexpected it was.