‘Fantastic Beasts 3’ poster is here to remind you that this is Dumbledore’s movie

fantastic beasts the secrets of dumbledore

The upcoming threequel to the Fantastic Beasts movie franchise has got one thing absolutely right, if nothing else, and that is the movie’s title. Because Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore is truly shaping up to be an origins story for the titular headmaster of Hogwarts.

I mean, if the movie’s numerous trailers, promo images, or even official posters haven’t already tipped you off that Jude Law’s younger version of Albus Dumbledore will be the true star of this film, as opposed to Newt Scamander, who started this whole journey, then perhaps this new poster — released earlier today on the movie’s official Twitter page in the UK — will change your mind.

As you can see for yourself, Dumbledore is headlining this sequel both in spirit and name, though I’m pretty sure most fans would actually consider that a welcome change. Because who are we kidding here? At this point, Newt Scamander is a side character in his own series, and Fantastic Beasts is about anything but the so-called fantastic beasts.

Still, if it means that we’ll be able to see Dumbledore get up to some badassery at his prime, portrayed by Jude Law, no less, then most Potterheads could get behind what J.K. Rowling is attempting here. The Secrets of Dumbledore also teases to explore the character’s dark past, which means that we’ll finally be able to better understand why many people were at odds with Albus in the main Harry Potter series.

The upcoming third installment in the Fantastic Beasts movie series is set for an April 15 premiere in cinemas.