Fantastic Beasts 3 Star Has A Great Idea For How Hagrid Can Appear

Fantastic Beasts

Though set decades before Harry Potter’s birth, the first two Fantastic Beasts movies are full of connections to the original Wizarding World stories, so we shouldn’t expect Fantastic Beasts 3 to be any different. One character Eddie Redmayne has always wanted to see in the films is Hagrid, Howarts’ loveable half-giant gamekeeper. We still don’t know if this is something that’s on the cards, but co-star Dan Fogler has a great idea for how the crossover could happen.

While speaking to The Movie Dweeb, Fogler teased the idea that Hagrid appearing in the FB films may be feasible. After talking about how much he loves the character, The Walking Dead actor offered his own pitch for how it could play out. And it’s actually perfect.

“[Hagrid’s mother Fridwulfa] is there and she comes to Newt and she’s like, ‘I have my baby boy, can you take care of him?’ And Newt is like, ‘Well, I’m a little busy.’ And there’s me, ‘Alright, I’ll take care of this giant kid,'” Fogler said before laughing. “I thought that would be a fun connection there.”

You know what, maybe J.K. Rowling should invite Fogler to contribute to the scripts with her, as this is a brilliant idea. Not only would it be sweet and funny to watch, but it’s also totally in keeping with Potter canon. Rubeus Hagrid is known to be born in 1928, after all, which is exactly the time when the FB movies are set. His giantess mother also abandoned her son when he was three, so the idea that she would foist her baby boy on Newt and Jacob would add up.

In Crimes of Grindelwald, a young Minerva McGonagall appeared, something which broke canon as she should only be a child at this point. This annoyed the fans, proving they don’t just want cameos for the sake of it. But Fogler’s concept for a role for Baby Hagrid could genuinely work.

It’s believed that production on Fantastic Beasts 3 will finally get going, after many delays, in early 2021. It’s currently pencilled in for release in November next year, though this will likely change.