‘Fantastic Four’ could sport the strangest superhero team-up in MCU history

Image via Marvel Comics

In two years, audiences will finally get to see the Fantastic Four join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Speculation is rife, hype is high, and now one person speculates two somewhat random characters have a good chance to be featured in the developing project.

The above post on Reddit points out Peter Parker was once a member of the team in the comics in a loosely-defined way and Harkness did serve as a nanny for Reed and Sue’s son Franklin as well as other powerful young people in the source material. While one fan says a reference to Peter’s time with the team would be nice, another wants him to have a bromance with a certain hot heroic guy.

Another adds this would be a bad idea (probably because when the characters have failed on film so many times before, the stakes are high to get it right), and a different perspective argues the future of the franchise should give the family and the X-Men their own distinct focus for a while – no cameos, no crossovers, and you can wall off current characters with exile if you really have to.

The Fantastic Four MCU movie will come out in February 2025. Barring delays, this is nearly 10 years after the characters first made their debut with Fox. We have seen a version of one already in the recent Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness film, and, while it is unclear if his actor may return, one fan argues Marvel should do all they can to make this a real casting.