Fantastic Four Director Says He Let Stan Lee Down


It’s hard to think of another movie with so much potential that flopped so badly. 2015’s Fantastic Four was meant to attract a new generation of viewers by cashing in on the superhero craze which was brought on by The Avengers, whilst still telling an original tale. And on paper, it seemed like a pretty good idea. Once it was fully realized, though, it was a much different story.

We don’t need to tell you how terribly the film turned out, and it seems its director is aware of that as well. Taking to Twitter today to pay tribute to the late Stan Lee, who passed away this morning, Josh Trank admitted that he let the comic book legend down with Fantastic Four, though apparently, Lee still kept in contact with him.

Though you could say I let him down, Stan Lee kept in touch. Today we say goodbye to one of the greatest creative icons in history, someone who always reminded us his humanity was not a secret identity. Rest in peace, Stan.

Of course, it’s not Trank’s fault alone that things went so poorly for the pic. Still, sitting with a pathetic 9% on Rotten Tomatoes and generally hated by just about everyone, the film’s better off forgotten and unfortunately, fans are still waiting for a good Fantastic Four movie to materialize. Thankfully, though, they might just get one quite soon.

Yes, Marvel’s First Family are on their way home following the Disney/Fox deal and while Kevin Feige has yet to announce the studio’s plans for Reed Richards and co., you can bet that big things are in store for the property now that it’s back with its rightful owner. With any luck, 2019 will bring some news on what Feige’s thinking of doing with the Fantastic Four, but until we learn more, feel free to take to the comments section and share your thoughts for how they should enter the MCU.