Fantastic Four Rumored To Make Their MCU Debut In Ant-Man 3


For a while there, we weren’t sure what the future held for the Ant-Man franchise, but last November we learned that Ant-Man 3 was on its way, with Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly returning as Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne and director Peyton Reed coming back to complete his trilogy. As well as wrapping up the astonishing hero’s adventures, though, it’s possible the threequel could set up a whole new corner of the MCU in the form of the Fantastic Four.

Scoopster Mikey Sutton is claiming that Marvel’s First Family will make their (latest) debut in Ant-Man 3. He doesn’t specify in what capacity, however, so they could just be dropped into a post-credits scene. Either way, Sutton also shares that John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are the studio’s top choices for Reed Richards and Sue Storm.

Though definitely exciting, we’ll file this one away in the rumor pile for now, even if there are a couple of factors that make it a pretty believable turn of events. First of all, a separate report has previously pointed to Blunt having been in talks with Marvel for an unknown role and after all the fan support for her playing Sue, the FF member does seem like a major contender for which role it may be.

Secondly, Reed has made no secret of his interest in tackling the Four. So, it would make a lot of sense for Marvel to trust him to introduce the team into the MCU. Whether he’ll actually go on to helm the Fantastic Four reboot once he’s done with the Ant-Man world, Sutton doesn’t say, but this is something that’s been thrown around before.

Sutton’s report also reveals that the foursome will be reimagined as explorers, with them traveling off to other lands, worlds or dimensions. And while the details he offers up end there, it sounds like we can expect their MCU career to start with Ant-Man 3which looks likely to release sometime in 2022.

Source: Mikey Sutton