Fast & Furious 9 Theory Explains How The Movie Will End Up In Outer Space

fast furious vin diesel 9

Fans of the Fast & Furious franchise have always wanted to see Dominic Toretto and his crew take their adventures into outer space, so when Michelle Rodriguez confirmed that the ninth installment would be heading beyond the stars after Ludacris had previously hinted at it, everyone just accepted it and moved on without asking any questions.

After all, nobody goes to see these movies expecting any sense of realism or logic, and having blown up pretty much everything on our planet already, there was only one place left for the family to go. The reasons for shifting the story into outer space will no doubt be as ridiculous and nonsensical as we’ve come to expect from the franchise, and a new theory has attempted to explain how the plot will get there.

You see, Rodriguez admitted that she wouldn’t be going to space, so not everybody will be heading up into the stars. But if there’s one man for the job that you can guarantee, it’s Vin Diesel’s Dom.

In true Fast & Furious fashion, the villain of the next movie will be John Cena’s Jakob Toretto, the long-lost third sibling who has never been mentioned once in the last two decades but just so happens to be a master thief, deadly assassin and high-performance driver out for revenge. Charlize Theron also returns as cyber terrorist Cipher, and this time she could have designs on hijacking a satellite or even a space station for nefarious means, causing Dom to chase his estranged brother all the way past our atmosphere.

As ScreenRant explains:

The Fate of the Furious already introduced hijacked missiles and submarines. With a cyberterrorist at the lead, there are numerous ways Cipher and Jakob could put the entire world in harm’s way. It’s possible that there’s a superweapon or threatening satellite located in space that Cipher gets control of. Seeing as Dom is so connected to the threat based on his familial relationship with Jakob, he may feel like it’s his responsibility to stop them.

Moonraker followed a similar plot, focusing on James Bond space travel after he investigated the theft of a Space Shuttle. The shuttle was hijacked to carry out a plan that would destroy the world’s population in order to recreate the human race. The scope for Fast & Furious might not be that broad, but it’s possible that a hijacking will be involved, threatening a segment of society. With the franchise taking plays out of playbooks from some of the most renowned action series, it wouldn’t be surprising to see elements of James Bond featured in F9 and beyond. Whatever happened before The Fast Saga closes out, it will undoubtedly have viewers on the edge of their seats.

When it comes to the Fast & Furious series, absolutely nothing can be ruled out no matter how insane it sounds, but whatever happens, Dom will no doubt be dismayed to discover that you can’t get away with wearing a white tank top in outer space.