Fast & Furious Co-Creator Doesn’t Think The Franchise Will End After 11 Movies

Fast and Furious 9

Gary Scott Thompson was one of three writers credited on the very first installment in the Fast & Furious franchise 20 years ago, but he would have had no clue about what the series would eventually become. He was part of the team behind a $38 million street racing thriller that lifted almost its entire narrative from Point Break, which hardly paved the way for what the property looks like today.

If you showed someone The Fast and the Furious and then this summer’s ninth installment back-to-back, they’d be left feeling very confused as to how the series ultimately got from point A to not just point B, but C, D, E… We need more alphabets! It’s been a wild ride to get to this point, but Thompson doesn’t believe Universal will call it quits once the credits roll on the eleventh chapter in The Fast Saga, as he revealed in a recent interview with MovieWeb.

“I don’t think they see the ending that I saw, but I don’t think they see an ending either. It’s making too much money. Universal Execs have said, ‘Thank you for creating our Marvel Universe’. They are competing with Marvel. It’s like the only movies getting made out of our studios lately are Marvel, Disney, Fast & Furious, or DC Comics. These films cost a lot of money so they want to make a lot of money. They will write it until it dies.”

Technically he’s right because Dwayne Johnson remains committed to a Hobbs & Shaw sequel, Charlize Theron’s Cipher is rumored to be getting a spinoff (that may or may not involve John Cena’s Jakob Toretto), while the female-driven spinoff expected to be led by Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty remains on the cards.

Longtime director Justin Lin has mentioned a streaming series and F9‘s Vinnie Bennett is game for a Dom prequel, so there’s almost zero chance of Fast & Furious drawing to a definitive conclusion at any point in the near future.