Fast & Furious 9 Stars Wants A Young Dominic Toretto Series

Fast and Furious 9

By the time the eleventh and final installment in the main Fast & Furious franchise eventually arrives, Vin Diesel will be almost 60 years old, so it’s probably for the best that he’s planning to hang up the white vest of Dominic Toretto. That’s not to say that we’ve seen the last of the family by any means, with several spinoffs already in various stages of development.

Dwayne Johnson has no interest in reuniting with his arch-nemesis but remains keen on a Hobbs & Shaw sequel, while Michelle Rodriguez and Charlize Theron are heavily rumored to headline solo adventures of their own. One idea that appears to be gaining a lot of traction is a prequel focusing on a young Dom, something Diesel admitted he wouldn’t rule out.

In a new interview with ScreenRant to promote the home video release of F9, actor Vinnie Bennett even threw out some potential storylines that he’d love to see if the project were to ever come to fruition.

“Young Dom series? Man, there’s so much we could do. There’s so much we could do. I feel like we could keep jumping back with Jack. We can have… There’s Letty there, you can see how he meets Vince, Jesse, all those characters from the first one. Learn how he gets his red RX-7 that he’s driving in the first one. Yeah. There’s so much that we can dig into. I hope that we do.”

It was fitting enough that the younger Dom was played by a guy named Vinnie, and the multiple flashbacks threaded throughout F9 could realistically form the basis of a TV show if that was a direction Universal were interested in. A crime thriller/family drama taking place inside the Fast & Furious universe would draw in plenty of curious eyeballs, and would also give director Justin Lin his wish of seeing the saga continue on streaming.