Fast & Furious Director Doesn’t Want The Franchise To End

Fast and Furious 9

There may only be two installments left in The Fast Saga, but the Fast & Furious franchise is far from over. Although the rampant desire from Hollywood to turn every brand with sequel potential into an entire shared universe has become increasingly nauseating and littered with failure, $6.4 billion at the box office makes it clear that audiences only want to keep getting faster and even more furious.

The tenth installment in the main series arrives in April 2023, with the final outing for Dominic Toretto and his extended family drawing a line under a narrative that began 20 years ago, one that’s long since evolved from a string of mid budget racing thrillers to $200 million globetrotting blockbusters that thrive on delivering the most preposterous action sequences you’re ever likely to see.

Director Justin Lin admitted in a new interview with ScreenRant that he doesn’t want The Fast Saga to end once he’s put the finishing touches on number eleven, and even hinted that streaming could be a way for the mythology to continue.

“Well, obviously things have shifted and they change. And obviously, you think about TV, it’s streaming. Streaming, there’s all these different mediums. One of the things I enjoy most about making these films is the element of talking to the actors about their characters and their journey, because our cast and our world has become so big. And I can tell you 80% of our conversation, you don’t see on screen.”

Dwayne Johnson confirmed he’s still hoping to make a Hobbs & Shaw sequel, while Charlize Theron’s Cipher is also getting the spinoff treatment, and Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty has been heavily rumored to lead the female-driven outing we’ve been hearing about for years. A streaming series set in the Fast & Furious universe has a ton of potential, and it would also be of huge benefit to Universal’s streaming service Peacock, which doesn’t possess many in-house exclusives that generate much in the way of buzz.