Former Walking Dead Star Wants To Play MCU’s Daredevil In Logan-Style Movie


The rights to Daredevil are poised to fall back into the hands of Marvel Studios at the end of this month, coinciding with the two-year anniversary of the popular Netflix show’s cancellation. There’ve been plenty of rumors making the rounds about what Kevin Feige could potentially have in store for the Man Without Fear, and we’ll get a much better indication of how high up Marvel’s list of priorities a reboot really is when they officially take charge of the character.

Almost all of the speculation has linked Charlie Cox with a return to the role, while fans would also be pretty upset if Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin wasn’t involved in some capacity. The two actors were both phenomenal in the Netflix series, and there’s almost unlimited scope for bringing both of them back to our screens whether it’s for a feature film or a Disney Plus show.

Lennie James

However, an unlikely candidate has now thrown their hat into the ring to play Daredevil, and admits that he’d love to star in a gritty story inspired by Hugh Jackman’s acclaimed Logan. Fear the Walking Dead and former The Walking Dead actor Lennie James knows his limitations at 55 years old, and revealed his dream scenario that would see him playing the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.

“I’m a bit long in the tooth to be playing Daredevil now, so they’d have to do a kind of Logan version of it, of Daredevil at the end of his career as a grown man, not quite being able to bend his knees at the top of some skyscraper in Hell’s Kitchen. And actually using the stick not just to find his way but also to keep him standing. We might have to do that version of it, but I’ve always loved Daredevil.”

Obviously James is just having a bit of fun fan casting himself as Daredevil, but if Cox doesn’t end up back under the mask in the MCU, then the part will instantly become a huge opportunity for any actor. After the misguided Ben Affleck vehicle, the Netflix show proved that the street-level superhero is capable of headlining a solo project if the material is handled correctly, and we can’t wait to see what Marvel has in store for the Man Without Fear – no matter who ends up playing the role.