Female Robin Rumoured For Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice


Warning: there are mild SPOILERS in this article.

As the main bulk of shooting in Detroit wraps on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, a local NBC-affiliate news team in the Lansing area has become privy to a glut of new information about the sequel. That’s nothing out of the ordinary, especially after we saw aerial shots of a new set being built for Zack Snyder’s follow-up yesterday in New Mexico. However, today’s news may cost one shortsighted extra a whopping $5 million. Why? Because he broke a confidentiality agreement by revealing secretive plot points with a WILX-10 reporter.

The biggest piece of info concerns Batman’s loyal sidekick, Robin, who we are now led to believe is female. This rumour remains unconfirmed (obviously, as the studio didn’t opt to reveal it) but might hold true as this isn’t the first time the idea has been suggested. In recent weeks, folks put two and two together after Jena Malone was apparently spotted on the set donning an orange hairdo. Could it not have been a simple drop-in visit to her Sucker Punch director?

The very fact that Batman’s costume has already borrowed from Frank Miller’s iteration of The Dark Knight could mean that a female Robin, as inked in that particular series, might be a distinct possibility. If you combine that notion with this latest report, it’s not hard to see why Warner Bros. are striking the anonymous individual with a hefty lawsuit.

The struggle to keep details of the film under wraps is an ongoing battle for the studio, who suffered further damage in the WILX-10 report as their man on the ground exposed a glut of additional spoiler-ific information. While we won’t comment on that here, if you wish to find it out, you can check the coverage in the video clip below.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is expected to soar into theatres on March 26th, 2015.

Source: Slash Film