New Poll Shows 27% Of People Want Santa Claus To Become Gender Neutral Or Female


Logo creation company GraphicSprings has carried out a survey asking people of the Internet whether Santa Claus should be modernized for the current era.

And, if so, how? Should ol’ Santa wield a smartphone? How about signing up for Amazon Prime? There’s even an option about Mr. Claus traveling in a flying car, which would quickly put Rudolph, Comet and the rest of the gang out of business.

But the question that has perhaps stirred the biggest debate is whether Santa should be gender-swapped altogether, either to a female or gender neutral person. Of the 1,000 answers, 17 percent voted in favor of a gender-neutral Santa Claus, believing it to be the best strategy to modernize such an iconic figure. Moreover, 10 percent want to see a female Santa, though the vast majority (read: 72 percent) want the Christmas legend to remain male.

Via GraphicSprings:

We all imagine Santa as the bearded old man in his iconic white and red suit, black belt, matching boots and reindeer-drawn sleigh. But what if Father Christmas was rebranded for today? We asked people how they would modernize Santa. Based on the results, we’ve updated Santa’s winter wardrobe and transformed his transportation. In it, he ditches his iconic suit and adopts some skinny jeans, trainers, and a hover-board to name just a few. Find out what other popular suggestions were voted on.

Of course, the modern-day Santa Claus is based upon Saint Nicholas of Myra, a fourth century bishop who lived in what we now know to be Turkey. Ol’ Nic was an extremely wealthy person, and devoted much of his time giving secret gifts to those who needed it most. And so began the legend of Santa.

It’s a tale that has persisted all the way through until the current era, and while Coca-Cola is often credited with branding Santa – or even inventing him in the first place – the big, bearded Christmas legend has always been dressed in red, no thanks to cartoonist Thomas Nast back in the 1870s.

But in this current age, do you believe Santa Claus should adapt with the times? You can let us know your thoughts below.