Film fans name the unmade sequels that won’t happen, but they’d still love to see

Judge Dredd, leveling a firearm
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As history continues to remind us, just because a sequel to a hit movie gets announced and placed into active development, there’s absolutely no guarantee it’s going to end up making it through production and into theaters.

In some cases it’s not actually all that bad of a thing to happen, but in other instances, fans are left lamenting the one that got away. Thanks to an intriguing discussion that’s been unfolding over on Reddit, we’ve got a much better idea of which hypothetical sequels fans wanted to see the most, not to mention the ones that still have supporters burning a candle in their honor just in case.

Of the titles listed by the OP, Star Trek 4 is about as close to a guarantee as you can find, even if none of the cast members are willing to confirm with 100 percent certainty that they’ll be back, despite a J.J. Abrams-sponsored announcement claiming they were all ready to go.

A follow-up to The Adventures of Tintin is almost certainly dead in the water, which is a shame when the Peter Jackson/Steven Spielberg/Edgar Wright/Joe Cornish team is the stuff of dreams for cinephiles. Another Edge of Tomorrow grows less likely by the day, as does Sherlock Holmes 3, which looked for a while as though it was racing towards the starting line before the pandemic came along.

It’s best not to mention Man of Steel 2 in front of DCEU or Henry Cavill diehards, while the comments have also thrown up additional tantalizing would-be blockbusters, including a direct continuation to Tron: Legacy, Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy III, Karl Urban’s return as Judge Dredd, and plenty more that have gotten us wistful just thinking about them.