Final Pet Sematary Trailer Summons A Spooky Treat


What is dead may never die…

It’s a slogan synonymous with House Greyjoy and the wider Game of Thrones universe, but in Stephen King’s Pet Sematary, the concept of immortality and being brought back from the brink takes on a whole new meaning, as this farm-fresh trailer attests.

Arriving just in time for the film’s theatrical rollout (April 4th, save the date) this new and presumably final trailer begins with the resurrected Ellie, whose mere presence triggers an “unfathomable evil with horrific consequences.” Sounds positively delightful. Indeed, the critics have championed this as one of the most accomplished Stephen King adaptations ever made, which is really saying something in a post-It world.

Yes, Pet Sematary is just the latest in a long line of King projects (see: The Dark Tower, Gerald’s Game, etc.), but it managed to get the seal of approval from the master of horror himself. Spoilers: Stephen King thinks it’s “f**king great.” There’s even been chatter of a potential continuation of the story, though one would assume Paramount and directors Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer would lean more towards a prequel than an out-and-out sequel. Should that opportunity ever arise, of course.

And best of all? You’ll notice that WGTC alum Matt Donato is among those quoted in today’s Pet Sematary trailer, where he hails Paramount’s chilling film as “proficiently tense, dashingly macabre and soaked in nightmarish tones that thrive on audience screams.”

Pet Sematary scurries into theaters on April 4th, and even if you’re overly familiar with Stephen King’s source material, it seems directors Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer still have a few tricks up their collective sleeve when it comes to Ellie, the graveyard, and everything in between.