Final trailer for ‘The Batman’ coming to theaters soon

the batman

There are exactly eleven weeks to go until The Batman explodes into theaters on March 4, 2022, so the marketing campaign for the Dark Knight’s latest reboot is only just getting started.

Over the last few days we’ve seen plenty of brand new images, in-depth interviews with the key cast and crew members and a handful of puzzles set by the Riddler that need solving, but what we’ve been sorely lacking in is new footage. The virtual FanDome event was the last time we got a proper look at Robert Pattinson and the gang in action, but that could be set to end shortly.

The Alberta Film Classification office has rated a trailer for The Batman that runs for just under two and a half minutes, which has been approved for release and is reportedly coming soon. While that’s admittedly vague, it does make sense given how close we are to the movie’s release, so let’s now put on our tinfoil hats of speculation and dive in.

Warner Bros. don’t have any theatrical releases that jump out at obvious candidates with which to acquire a fresh look at The Batman, unless they’re tacking it onto Jim Broadbent drama The Duke, which is unlikely. Roland Emmerich’s Moonfall arrives on February 4, and it’s technically an independent film given that the master of disaster raised the funding himself, so that might be the best bet to see the Caped Crusader’s next trailer on the big screen.