First Aquaman TV Spot Sees Orm Deliver A Threat


Arthur Curry is homeward bound in the epic first TV spot for Warner’s standalone Aquaman movie.

Pegged to arrive on December 21st, which is fast becoming one of 2018’s busiest corridors thanks to Bumblebee, Alita: Battle Angel and the wondrous, long-in-development sequel Mary Poppins Returns, the James Wan-directed spinoff is all about Arthur Curry plunging beneath the waves to explore Atlantis and the power struggle that lies within.

Orm the Ocean Master is plotting war against the surface world, on the belief that those pesky humans are polluting the seven seas and generally causing havoc to ocean wildlife. He’s not wrong, mind you, but his thirst for vengeance places Jason Momoa’s six-foot powerhouse on red alert, as can be seen in today’s incredible first TV spot for the December blockbuster.

Unless you’ve seen every scrap of Aquaman footage currently available on the interwebs, you’ll likely find one or two fresh shots buried within this new promo, which promises a CG-heavy spectacle of underwater conflict and a quest for answers involving Arthur and Mera, the latter of whom is played by Amber Heard.

Their journey to the surface world will feature callbacks to King Atlan, as Jason Momoa’s DC hero works to become the leader (and king!) Atlantis so needs. We’ve also seen a shot of the flame-haired Mera decked out in battle armor, so don’t be fooled into thinking that Amber Heard’s character was about to spend the majority of Aquaman twiddling her thumbs on the sidelines.

Aquaman officially breaches the surface on December 21st, and here’s hoping it can turn the tide in Warner Bros.’ favor after the colossal misfire of Justice League.