First Captain Marvel Teaser Trailer Rumored For Tuesday Launch


MCU enthusiasts may want to tune in to Good Morning America on Tuesday.

Per MCU Cosmic, it’s being reported today that the first teaser trailer for Captain Marvel will be released via GMA on September 18th, with lead star Brie Larson expected to appear via satellite feed.

If true, this would honor a long-held tradition between GMA and Marvel Studios, given the network was the first to premiere exclusive clips and new footage for Avengers: Infinity War late last year, while also hosting numerous interviews with the film’s gigantic cast. So perhaps Captain Marvel will follow in the footsteps of its MCU peers and swing by Good Morning America?

There’s currently no sign of an official confirmation from either Marvel Studios or GMA, so take this rumor at face value. It would, however, align with Entertainment Weekly’s Captain Marvel blowout, and it’s often the case that a blockbuster movie unveils its first footage two to three weeks after its cover issue. For Carol Danvers, it seems the clock is ticking.

This would also chime with previous rumors that the Captain Marvel teaser would release far in advance of Avengers 4‘s own trailer, as Marvel Studios will want to take caution when promoting its 2019 blockbusters in order to keep spoilers at bay.

We’re approaching the tail-end of Phase 3, after all, so it’s fair to say Kevin Feige and Co. are walking on eggshells as the entire MCU braces for what is undoubtedly its biggest crescendo thus far, one that will have far-reaching implications for the Iron Man, Captain America and the remainder of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Meanwhile, Captain Marvel‘s maiden flight has been scheduled for take-off on March 8th – nine short weeks before the all-consuming Avengers 4 and its own comic book spectacle.

Source: MCU Cosmic