First Cut Of Halloween Will Be Done In 6 Weeks, Trailer To Follow?


Filming on Blumhouse’s upcoming Halloween sequel has now reached the finish line ahead of the pic’s October 19th release.

After a relatively brief spell in front of the cameras, during which time Jamie Lee Curtis shared scores of set photos, the team is now headed into post-production and over the next few months, we imagine that all sorts of official stills and, of course, a trailer or two will make their way online. It’s still early days, yes, but Blumhouse knows how eager fans are to see something – anything – from the pic and if a recent update from the main man himself, Jason Blum, is any indication, we might just get that quite soon.

Taking to Twitter the other day, the producer teased that within 6 weeks, the very first cut of Halloween will be complete. That doesn’t necessarily mean 6 weeks is when we’ll see some footage, but we imagine it won’t be long after that. At the very least, it’s probably safe to assume that a teaser will drop at some point in May.

While we don’t expect the first preview to reveal very much, we know that the film is poised to pick up shortly after the 1978 original left off. Which means that it’ll ignore all other sequels in the series. That’s a decision which has proven to be controversial amongst the fanbase, but at the moment, we’re feeling quietly confident that Danny McBride and David Gordon Green will be able to deliver with their take on the iconic horror franchise.

On October 19th, Halloween will cordially invite viewers back to Haddonfield for another round of thrills, spills and supernatural chills, and we can hardly wait.

Source: Twitter