First ‘Dual’ images reveal Karen Gillan’s sci-fi action comedy

Image via XYZ Films.

Some brand new images have dropped for the Karen Gillan-starring sci-fi action comedy — including an official poster — for the forthcoming Dual.

Though Gillan might best be known for starring as the cybernetically-enhanced Nebula in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, she isn’t guarding any galaxies this time around, with Dual instead centering around the protagonist battling her own clone.

The story centers around a woman, Gillan’s Sarah, who clones herself after she receives a terminal diagnosis, hoping that having another one of herselves in the world might make it easier for her friends and family to cope after the OG Sarah kicks the bucket.

But when Sarah makes a miraculous recovery from the illness, she must battle herself to the death, because they can’t coexist.

The images, via Collider, feature Sarah going through a rigorous training regime for a year before the battle is set to take place.

The film also stars Aaron Paul, of Breaking Bad fame, as Trent, who appears to be Sarah’s trainer. Theo James also plays a character named Robert Michaels in the film, and though we don’t know much about the character at the moment, he looks to be in a fight for his life, from what we can tell.

Andrei Alén also stars in what appears to be some kind of medical professional role, perhaps the person in charge of the cloning procedure, and Beula Koale stars as well.

The film is written and directed by Riley Stearns, and premiered in January at the Sundance Film Festival. Due to the festival screening, it’s already been reviewed by critics and boasts a respectable 79% — based on 73 reviews — according to the review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes, as of press time.

Dual comes to theaters April 15.