New Tremors 7 Set Photos Reveal First Look At 3 From Hell Star


It wasn’t that long ago that we spoke about how 3 From Hell star Richard Brake was the latest to board the cast of the upcoming Tremors 7 (titled Tremors: Island Fury). He’ll be appearing alongside veteran Tremors star Michael Gross (who’s played Burt Gummer since the original film), Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) and Jackie Cruz (Orange Is The New Black) for the next installment in the monster series.

Now, it seems we’re getting our first glimpse of Brake as Bill after the actor posted a number of images (seen below) of himself in character to his Instagram account. One of the photos shows him looking the part and ready to take on the film’s token Graboid creatures, accompanied by the caption: “This is what we think of them Graboids.”

Of course, fans of Brake will no doubt be familiar with what a tremendous talent he is. He’s played a variety of roles in a slew of films, including Kingsman: The Secret ServiceDoom and Hannibal Rising, but he’s probably best known for portraying the Night King in Game Of Thrones, so it’s interesting to see him out of make-up and working with the good guys this time.

It’s unclear how big a part he’ll have to play here, but the sight of him on the set of Tremors 7 in these pics, coupled with Gross having recently previewed his new “Santa” look for the movie, has us feeling pretty excited and we’re sure the pair will make a formidable duo when it comes to battling the subterranean beasts.

All things considered, it looks as though production for Tremors 7 is coming along nicely and while we don’t have word on when it’s going to be released, we’re hoping we won’t have to wait too long. Either way, we’ll keep you posted as soon as we learn more.

Source: Instagram