Michael Gross Shares His Wild New Look For Tremors 7

Tremors Cold Day In Hell

It’s hard to imagine nearly thirty years have passed since the first Tremors came out, and while Kevin Bacon was the star of the original 1990 cult monster hit, it’s really Michael Gross who’s the face of the franchise. Let’s be honest, you can’t have a Tremors sequel without Burt Gummer.

Speaking of faces, in a recent post on Facebook, Gross showed the world his new look for Tremors 7 (which is currently titled Tremors: Island Fury). It’s quite a contrast to what fans are used to as well. Now sporting long, gray hair and a full Santa Clause beard, this image of Burt is a huge departure from the mustachioed, baseball cap-wearing destroyer of subterranean beasts.

We’re not quite sure why the change in appearance has occurred, but with the actor urging us to “buckle your seat belts,” we can only imagine what it all means.

This is apparently just one of many changes that are being made to the franchise with the upcoming outing. We mentioned recently how Richard Brake (3 From Hell) will be playing alongside Gross along with a host of other exciting actors, so there’s a lot of potential here for an awesome – if slightly different – sequel.

The film will apparently take place on an island during a vacation where a wealthy playboy has brought the subterranean creatures (known as Graboids) for hunting purposes. It’s pretty awesome that the franchise is still going and that Gross has been been a constant since the first one, and we’re certainly excited to see where the filmmakers take the series next.

At the moment, we don’t have any word on when Tremorsis being released, but we do know that it’s in production, so as soon as we hear word about an official date, we’ll be sure to let you know.