First Look At Benedict Cumberbatch’s New Netflix Drama Revealed

Benedict Cumberbatch

After the back-to-back shoot for Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, Benedict Cumberbatch scaled back his onscreen output for a couple of years, with a brief supporting role in Sam Mendes’ acclaimed World War I drama 1917 and Zach Galifinakis’ Between Two Ferns: The Movie his only credits in the span of two years.

However, the actor is back with a vengeance, and you can barely turn around without bumping into a new Cumberbatch project. Historical thriller The Courier hit theaters in March of this year, right around the same time true-life legal tale The Mauritanian was playing.

He then threw on the Cloak of Levitation for a double dose of the Marvel Cinematic Universe by headlining Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and lending an assist to Tom Holland in Spider-Man: No Way Home, and that’s without even mentioning biopic The Electrical Life of Louis Wain or Netflix’s The Power of the Dog.

The latter is a literary adaptation directed by The Piano and Top of the Lake‘s Jane Campion, with a stacked supporting cast in place. The first image from The Power of the Dog has been revealed, and you can check it out below.

The film follows a rancher in 1920s Montana, who becomes infuriated after his brother comes to live on the property with her new husband following the death of her first spouse, where tragedy and drama naturally ensues. Cumberbatch is joined by Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Plemons, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Thomasin McKenzie and more, and while there’s no locked in release date for The Power of the Dog as of yet, it’s expected to hit Netflix before the end of the year, and could be the streamer’s latest potential awards season contender.