First Look At Jamie Lee Curtis On The Set Of Halloween


Now that production on Blumhouse’s Halloween sequel is finally underway, we expect news regarding the next entry in the enduring horror franchise to trickle in on a regular basis. And even though this latest treat isn’t a casting announcement or even something that hearkens back to familiar locations, we feel it’s still worth sharing with you.

In fact, it may even put a smile on some of your faces as it features none other than Jamie Lee Curtis, who’s back, back, back to reprise her role of Laurie Strode and take on Michael Myers one final time – or so we assume. Plot details remain scarce of course, so we’re not too sure what the iconic killer will be getting up to just yet, but below you’ll find two new photos of Curtis on set.

It appears that she’s in between takes here, and they’re not particularly revealing, but given how excited we are about this film, we’ll take whatever we can get our grubby little hands on. Additionally, we’ve also included some previously released set pics in the gallery (which again, aren’t too revealing) – in case you missed them.

As mentioned above, these photos won’t exactly stop the presses, but with production on the sequel now well underway, it shouldn’t be too much longer before we get some official shots and maybe even a teaser trailer (fingers crossed!). Until then, however, we’ll wait patiently and hope for a faithful, horror-oriented affair that can right the wrongs of some of the franchise’s more forgettable outings. After all, fans need another great Halloween movie after suffering through efforts like Resurrection and The Curse of Michael Myers and with any luck, the filmmakers will deliver just that with this new effort.

October 19th is the date for your diaries, which places David Gordan Green’s “very scary” sequel in the company of Venom (October 5th), and as shooting continues on the Blumhouse project, we’ll be sure to keep you right up to date as more surfaces. Stay tuned!