First Scream Photos Drawing Comparisons To The Original From Fans

As fans flocked to theaters over the last two days to see Scream to celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary, we were all reminded of the staying power of a great movie. The film captivated audiences in 1996 and in the years since. A Halloween favorite and a slasher icon; movie-goers can’t get enough of Ghostface.

The 5th installment in the Scream franchise is hitting theaters in January of 2022, and a first look at the movie was finally shared with not-so-patient fans.

Entertainment Weekly debuted the photos earlier today, and fans went wild. It feels like we’ve all been waiting for the movie for a lifetime, and in some ways, we have. Scream is the follow-up to the 2011 Scream 4, and it’s been right at ten years since we paid a visit to Woodsboro.

In addition to the first-look images, fans were also made privy to what this film meant to those on set, returning favorites and new additions to the cast and crew.

Scream will be the first film in the franchise not directed by Wes Craven after he passed away in 2015, and those close to the film have already shared ways they felt his spirit on set and how it impacted them to be making this movie without him.

Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett are the directors of Scream, and Bettinelli-Olpin had this to say about being on set for the first time.

“Showing up on set, seeing Neve and David and Courteney for the first time, seeing Ghostface for the first time, it was surreal, it felt like we were having this weird, out-of-body fan experience, but we were also doing our adult job at the same time.”

Gillett had this to say about the spine-tingling knowledge Scream had to have those returning characters…it wouldn’t have been possible without them.

“It was a wildly anxiety-producing situation. They were not disposable roles; they were very, very important and the heartbeat of what was great about the script. We couldn’t imagine the movie without any of them and so not having that perfectly locked-in right off the bat was definitely scary.”

Of course, the images have been the talk of social media since they dropped hours ago — here’s what fans are saying about the first look at Scream.

Some of the first-look images have been shared on Twitter via various Scream-centric profiles.

A significant point that fans say right away is the similar nature of one of the first look images and the opening scene of the original Scream movie.

Jack Quaid shared the first look at his character via EW on Twitter with the reassurance fans needed about the trailer premiering tomorrow.

Sidney and Gale may have been on opposite sides of every fence in the first film, but their bond grew as the movies progressed, and it looks like they’re ready to take Ghostface down once and for all.

Could it be? Matthew Lillard is on board, and the fans would love it, too.

Again, fans are really loving the vibes they’re getting from this setup, and we haven’t even begun to dig into what Scream has in store for us, yet.

This fan noted that the similar photo structures aren’t the only comparisons fans can draw — Sidney is still rocking a brown leather jacket making her a survivor and “sustainable fashion queen.”

This Scream fan isn’t sure who this character is just yet, but they love them already.

Are you looking forward to the Scream movie? Do you hope to see comparisons to the original film sprinkled through the trailer and the film when they premiere? Which Scream film is your favorite so far? Let’s talk about it.