The Flash Movie May Be Delayed As Director Looks To Take A Break

Justice League Flash

You know, if we didn’t have The Flash TV show to occupy our time, the wait for a movie would be doubly maddening. After already losing several directors and writers, fans were recently given a glimmer of hope when IT and IT: Chapter Two director Andy Muschietti was said to be attached to the project. After having made a ton of money for Warner Bros. with 2017’s big screen Stephen King adaptation, you’d better believe he’s got some serious credibility at the studio.

Though nothing has been set in stone at this point, it’s looking more and more like Muschietti will helm Barry Allen’s first solo adventure in a feature film, though not before he takes some time off work, meaning the project could be pushed back. From the sound of it, Fandango’s Erik Davis tried getting a confession out of Andy, and here’s what he managed to squeeze:

“Oh, I can’t really talk about that… yet,” Muschietti said. He then added, “I really want to take a few months off after IT: Chapter Two and then regroup.”

Based on that, Muschietti wants to take a well-deserved breather following the release of his next blockbuster, and we can’t blame him. A production such as The Flash will be a massive undertaking, to put it lightly.

But if we’re to glean a positive from this, it’s that the director “can’t really talk about that…yet.” If you were to ask me, that really does sound like he is involved, but nothing’s been formally announced. Things could change before we know it, sure, though it can’t hurt to stay positive.

With all the back-and-forth surrounding Ezra Miller’s possible return as the Flash, we can’t be certain of whether he’ll continue running with the ball. On the one hand, Muschietti would already have a well-known actor at his disposal, but on the other, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to start fresh following Justice League’s highly publicized woes.