Flashpoint Fan Poster Teases Reverse-Flash’s Dark DCEU Debut


We’ve been waiting for the longest time for it, but The Flash movie is definitely on its way. As teased by Justice League, which featured Barry Allen’s dad Henry in prison after being convicted of murdering his wife, the film seems set to explore the Flashpoint comic book arc, which starts with the Scarlet Speedster going back in time and stopping Reverse-Flash from killing his mother.

Eobard Thawne must be coming, then, as it’d be hard to adapt the story without him. We don’t know anything yet about how the DCEU will portray the character, but this epic fan poster teases the villain’s ominous presence. Digital artist Boss Logic has started designing teaser posters for upcoming or imaginary DC movies – see his one for a Man of Steel sequel featuring Brainiac and in this piece, he uses the visual of a bullet breaking glass to intersect the faces of the two nemeses.

See for yourself below:

It won’t just be Reverse-Flash that Ezra Miller’s hero encounters in his first solo cinematic venture, however. Flashpoint leads to a whole new, wildly different timeline, throwing open the doors of the multiverse. Recently, in some massively shocking news, we learned that Michael Keaton is in talks to return as his version of Batman 30 years after he last played the part. No doubt there will be more exciting cameos besides him, too.

The Flash was all set to head into pre-production this past spring and then shoot in the summer, but obviously that never happened. Producer Barbara Muschietti, sister of director Andy Muschietti, teased that an update was coming back in June, but we’re still waiting on that. Presumably we can expect some big announcement to come at DC’s virtual FanDome event in August. It’s believed it’ll start filming in early 2021, though, in order to make its release in summer 2022.

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