Awesome Man Of Steel 2 Fan Poster Pits Superman Against Brainiac


DC fans have never given up hope that they’ll get a Man of Steel sequel eventually and recently, it’s started to seem like something that’s not too far-fetched. With Zack Snyder’s Justice League cut coming to HBO Max, a new movie from the director, or at least one starring Henry Cavill as Superman, seems totally plausible. It’s fun to imagine, then, what a Man of Steel 2 could look like. And this epic fan poster does a great job at bringing fans’ dreams to life.

Digital artist BossLogic has created this cinematic piece which imagines Brainiac being brought to the DCEU as the Last Son of Krypton’s next opponent. The gorgeous, and very Snyder-like, artwork depicts the evil android’s enormous spaceship hanging over the stormy skies of Earth as Superman soars through the clouds to save the day. DC lovers are all over it and it’s currently just shy of 5K likes on Twitter.

Brainiac is widely considered to be the perfect choice of villain for the next Superman movie, whatever form that takes. Chiefly because he’s somehow never appeared on the big screen before, even though we’ve had countless versions of Lex Luthor. Bizarro would be another top contender, too, and Snyder initially thought about tackling Metallo in his earliest ideas for Batman V Superman, but Brainiac is definitely the best bet.

As for whether Cavill’s Clark Kent could face off against the Collector of Worlds in another movie, it’s hard to say. The British actor has made clear that he would love to continue playing the part, but it’s not clear whether Warner Bros. wishes to reboot the character or not. Still, with the extent of the multiverse about to be explored, leading to various Batmen popping up in the franchise, it’s possible they could do both.