Michael Keaton Meets Robert Pattinson In Awesome Batman Team-Up Fan Art

Batman Returns

This week brought some wild news in the DC sphere, with it being revealed that Michael Keaton is in talks to return as Batman, 28 years and counting since he last played the part. Reports say the Batman Returns actor would appear in The Flashopposite Ezra Miller, before going on to turn up in other DCEU movies, too, in a similar overseeing role as Nick Fury in the Marvel films. It’s all pretty exciting for DC fans, too, as it raises the question: will Batman meet Batman?

We’re about to get to know the latest cinematic incarnation of the Dark Knight in the form of Robert Pattinson in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. And if The Flash is opening the doors to the multiverse and establishing that characters from different Earths can interact, it seems there’s nothing stopping Keaton’s Bruce Wayne from encountering Pattinson’s version.

But how would that go? Well, this awesome fan art from digital artist Pabloruizzx imagines the two Caped Crusaders meeting each other in the Batcave, with the pair shaking hands – though they don’t look too happy about it. Which feels pretty in character for Bruce(s). The artist has decked the dynamic duo out in their respective costumes – Pattinson’s armored, grounded look and Keaton’s classic molded-rubber suit with bright yellow bat-symbol.

It’s thought that one of the projects Keaton could appear in will be a live-action Batman Beyond movie, which would presumably see his retired Bruce train protégé Terry McGinnis to take on his mantle. If that comes about, that would mean we’ve got three Batmen in the DCEU. Four if you include Ben Affleck, even if he’s done with the role. That’s a lot of Batmen. At this stage, they might as well get Val Kilmer, George Clooney and Christian Bale back and make it a real party.

The Flash is believed to go into production soon, ahead of its arrival in theaters in summer 2022. That’s less than a year after Pattinson makes his debut in the cowl in The Batman. So, a potential “Batman Battle” would be a few years away yet.