The Flash Movie Rumored To Feature An Aquaman Vs. Wonder Woman Fight


I love screwed-up parallel Earth superhero universes. The Injustice DC universe gives us some really twisted takes on DC characters, Marvel’s ‘Old Man Logan’ universe showed us what would happen if the supervillains won and then there’s the classic ‘evil’ Earth-3 from the DC silver age.

But one of the coolest is definitely Flashpoint. Introduced in a 2011 crossover series in The Flash comics, it’s a strange reality where Superman is held captive and experimented on, Batman and the Joker are Thomas and Martha Wayne, and there’s a titanic war between Wonder Woman’s Themiscyra and Aquaman’s Atlantis. We kid you not.

The upcoming solo Flash movie is strongly rumored to loosely adapt this story and while director Andy Muschietti has said his version will be a “different version of Flashpoint than you’re expecting,” it seems that DC would like to at least include the Wonder Woman vs. Aquaman war. According to insider Grace Randolph, Warner Bros. are hopeful that they can convince Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa to play alternate versions of their characters, but the idea is contingent on both agreeing to it.

Of course, Flashpoint makes a lot of sense for Warner Bros. at this point. Post-League, the DCEU has had a very loose sense of inter-film continuity, with The Batman looking like it’s taking place in its own separate Bat-verse. Something like Flashpoint could hit the reset button on a lot of that, allowing Robert Pattinson’s Batman to eventually cross over with the existing DC heroes without too much chronological confusion. And hey, a couple of years down the line when Pattinson has established himself as Batman and we finally have a new Superman, maybe they can have a second go at doing Justice League?

In the meantime, Flashpoint (or whatever the Ezra Miller Flash solo movie ends up being called) is due out on July 1st, 2022. Watch this space for more.