WB May Adapt Flashpoint For The Flash 2 To Bring Pattinson Into DCEU

Flashpoint Movie

Warner Bros.’ The Flash has morphed through many different forms over the years. Long before It‘s Andy Muschietti took over as director, the idea was to tackle the Flashpoint storyline in the film. Fans were thrilled at the idea, seeing the potential for how it could help relaunch the then-struggling DCEU into a renewed universe.

As we know now, however, this is no longer the plan for the movie, but we’ve heard that there’s a possibility that it could be held off until the sequel instead. We Got This Covered has been informed by sources – the same ones who told us Tom Welling was returning for “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” and that The CW was doing an Arrow spinoff, both of which turned out to be true – that The Flash 2 could be the DCEU’s Flashpoint. Specific details are up in the air right now, but we’re told the intention is to use it to streamline the cinematic universe.

By then, Robert Pattinson’s Batman will have arrived and there may be a new Superman, too. As previously reported, WB wants to make a rebooted Justice League movie involving Pattinson and whoever the new Supes is, so The Flash 2 could fold them into the DCEU so that they can team up with the other heroes, writing Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck out of continuity along the way. Just as the comic instigated The New 52 canon.

What’s more, we’re also told that it’s not a done deal that Ezra Miller will be back for the sequelAfter months of speculation as to his DC future, the actor said he’d return for The Flash, but we’re hearing that it’s not set in stone just yet. We’ve also heard talk that Wally West could be introduced to fill in for him if Miller does decide to leave.

As for the first film, though, The Flash is expected to start shooting in January and may be released sometime in 2021. And once we hear more about the potential Flashpoint adaptation for the sequel, we’ll be sure to let you know.