Florence Pugh sees the cracks form in ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ clip

A still image of Florence Pugh’s face in character in ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ with her hands framing her face, which bears a shocked expression
Image via Warner Bros.

A new clip from Don’t Worry Darling has some very Black Swan vibes featuring Florence Pugh seeing some creepy stuff go down while she is in a ballet dance class.

Pugh plays Alice Chambers in the film, a 1950s housewife living in a seemingly idyllic utopian village that appears to be hiding some dark secrets. Her husband, Harry Styles’ Jack Chambers, is loyal to the company that created the community, which is spearheaded by the charismatic leader, Chris Pine’s Frank.

In the clip, we see Alice being distracted during her dance routine in class, becoming fixated on her own reflection. Rather than seeing her own likeness staring back at her, the mirror instead shows another person, Kiki Layne’ Margaret, matching Alice’s movements. Suddenly, Margaret seems to be banging her head on the mirror from within it as if wanting to break free, which causes the glass to break — or so it would seem. When others in the class start to question what has gotten into Alice, she suddenly looks back and realizes it was all apparently in her head.

Although there has been a lot of celebrity gossip and some controversy surrounding the production of the film, and it boasts a puzzlingly low Rotten Tomatoes score, at 31 percent, for how good the trailers look, we’re still interested in seeing the movie based on intriguingly terrifying clips such as this. And with the kind of star power backing it, including Pugh’s performance which has been praised by many critics, that gives us even more reason to check it out.

Don’t Worry Darling is coming to a theater near you on Sept. 23.