First Footage And Photos Of Area 51 Raid Arrive Online


There’s a lyric in Les Miserables that goes, “the time is now/the day is here.”

While that quote sparked a French-based revolt, it can also apply to the ludicrous story that is the Area 51 raid. Several months ago, Matty Roberts decided to tell the internet a little joke: “hey guys, here’s an idea” it might as well have gone, “how about we Naruto run our way into the highly-classified, government-protected grounds? They’ll never stop us!”

The only thing more asinine than that proposal is the fact that people took it literally; and today, September 20th, is the day. Despite several warnings from both the local and national government, people are swarming around Area 51 and before the festivities have even begun, two have already been arrested.

The extent to which this “storm” will unfold remains to be seen; hopefully, for their sakes, it’ll be nothing more than a bunch of beers and a couple chants here and there. But Twitter is acting as a surrogate reporter, giving all of us too smart to go to the event footage and images from Nevada.

Be sure to check out some of what’s going on down below:

You know, there are a lot of cruddy jobs out there, but right now I can’t think of one less appetizing than working security at Area 51. With luck, all they’ll have to do is stand around and shake their heads at the weirdness going on, instead of, you know, applying lethal force.

But this is an all-day fest, so we’ll probably get more updates from Nevada as the clock winds down. Stay tuned!