Two People Have Already Been Arrested In Attempted Area 51 Raid


Anyone who placed a bet on how many people are going to be arrested at the Area 51 raid is definitely going to want to hear this: two Dutch YouTubers have already been taken away in handcuffs for attempting to storm the facility. The over/under currently sits at 8.5, which means that gamblers who picked the over only need six more dummies to try their luck in order for the bookies to multiply their money by five. It’s unknown if these arrests count towards the overall total because they didn’t happen on the specific day that the raid is planned, but those who picked the under have to be hoping that they don’t.

20-year-old Ties Grazier and 21-year-old Govert Charles Wilhelmus Jacob Sweep both pleaded guilty to trespassing and are expected to be released from jail and returned to the Netherlands some time this week. Unfortunately, the live-stream of the event has yet to start, so it wasn’t captured on camera. The authorities likely made the internet personalities delete any footage they might’ve captured for security reasons, too.

Beatty Justice Court hosted the two adolescents as they pled guilty to the charges along with illegal parking on Monday. Sweep and Grazier were sentenced to one year in county jail, though their plea agreement allowed them to be sprung earlier. They now have to stay away from any events involving or near the Nevada National Security Site, which means that they probably won’t be attending AlienStock.

Hopefully, this will be a lesson to any other morons who still think that trying to raid Area 51 is a good idea. If the FBI and Air Force warnings weren’t enough to scare those people off, maybe these arrests will. The event is scheduled for tomorrow, September 20th, though we strongly encourage the 1.5 million people who claim they’re going not to attend. Just in case, though, we’re still going to bet the over.