FOX Reveals The Die Hard 5 Director Short List

FOX wants to get moving on Die Hard 5. The film has been picking up steam lately and today Deadline has revealed the director shortlist. Noam Murro was originally going to helm the project but after he dropped out, FOX needed to find a replacement. As it stands, the list is made up of the following people; Joe Cornish (Attack the Block), Justin Lin (Fast Five), Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive) and John Moore (Max Payne).

It’s an interesting list but only one name stands out in my mind, Justin Lin. After seeing Fast Five, I have a new appreciation for the guy. He knows how to make one hell of an exciting blockbuster and that’s exactly what Die Hard 5 needs to be. The series is definitely in decline and it needs a serious kick in the behind to recapture fans’ attention.

Now, don’t get me wrong, aside from Moore, I think everyone on the shortlist is quite talented. I’m just not sure if Joe Cornish and Nicolas Winding Refn are the right people for the job. The only issue with Lin that I can forsee is his schedule. With a sixth Fast and Furious film coming up, plus his involvement in Terminator 5, when will he have time for this?

What do you think? Who should direct Die Hard 5?