New Friday The 13th Hot Sauce Lets Jason Wreak Havoc On Your Mouth

Jason Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th remains trapped in legal limbo. The long-running litigation between franchise producer Sean S. Cunningham and the original film’s writer Victor Miller continues to rumble through the appeals process, though it seems Miller currently has the upper hand. There’s been some indication that this dispute may be finally resolved sometime in Summer 2020, though I would imagine that the Coronavirus pandemic and social distancing rules will have a delaying effect on non-urgent civil proceedings.

But while a new Friday the 13th movie isn’t happening for some time, fans can at least experience the murderous wrath of Jason Voorhees on their tongue. Gemini Crow Hot Sauce is releasing several varieties of Jason-themed hot sauce, which comes in ‘Slasher Sauce,’ ‘Slasher Sauce – Part II,’ ‘Blood of the Lake’ and ’40’ varieties.

While the sauce set is obviously inspired by Friday the 13th and the limited edition collections have bottles personally signed by original Jason actor Ari Lehman, I note that for copyright reasons they never actually use the franchise name and the ‘Jason’ design is pretty vague. Still, in the absence of any other Friday the 13th material, these hot sauces will have to do.

However, 2020 is the franchise’s 40th anniversary and while there won’t be a new movie, Paramount is releasing a brand new 12-film Blu-ray set. It’ll include new commentaries, behind-the-scenes special features and the unrated cut of Jason Goes to Hell. Adam Marcus, the director of that film, said the following about it.

“This will be the first true unrated Blu-ray!!! With new features and awesomeness! It’s gonna rock!!!”

No word on a release date for the box set, but it’s planned for the summer. The hot sauce set is available right now though. It’s $110 for the full set, $30 for a signed bottle and $13 for an unsigned bottle.