Friday The 13th Star Breaks Down The Current Legal Mess Around The Property


Despite the recent court ruling, the legal messiness around Friday the 13th rages on, and it’s evident that fans are starting to get impatient. That being said, if you’d like to get a better understanding of why exactly the slasher property is still in limbo, this new video sees a very appropriate source break down the situation.

Larry Zerner played one of the young victims of Jason Voorhees in 1982’s Friday the 13th Part III, but these days he’s working as an entertainment lawyer who specializes in copyrights, putting him in a pretty good position to grasp the ownership dispute around the franchise. Zerner has already proved to be a valuable source in explaining this ongoing feud, and once more, he sheds light on the situation in this new interview with Slash ‘N Cast.

Last month, it looked like we might finally be out of the worst of it when the court ruled in favor of writer Victor Miller, giving the scribe behind the 1980 original the US rights to the characters and locations within the story. Since then, however, director Sean Cunningham and his team have filed a notice of appeal, but Zerner predicts that a deal will be announced within the next thirty days, stressing that everyone knows the money to be made from putting Jason back on screens.

The interview also touches upon a surprising recent development, as LeBron James and his SpringHill Entertainment company look to be in talks with Vertigo Entertainment to reboot the popular property. Seeing how the NBA star is a verified Friday the 13th fan, it could be interesting to see what he has in mind for the slasher saga, but first off, it sounds like there are still quite a few legal loose ends to tie up.