LeBron James In Talks To Produce Friday The 13th Reboot


Though the legal brawl over Friday the 13th continues to rage on, a new report from Bloody Disgusting has given us an indication of where this slasher series could be heading once the dust has finally settled.

NBA star LeBron James and his SpringHill Entertainment company are apparently in talks with Vertigo Entertainment to produce a reboot for the Jason Voorhees property. While James is already set to produce and star in the Looney Tunes sequel Space Jam 2, Vertigo’s track record seems a little more fitting, having worked on such horror releases as The Strangers, Blair Witch, and last year’s hugely popular adaptation of Stephen King’s It.

That being said, James has shown himself to be a pretty big horror fan, having released his own Friday the 13th-themed sneakers and rocked an insanely good Pennywise costume for last year’s Halloween. And speaking of which, the ongoing box office success and critical acclaim for Michael Myers’ latest outing shows that there are a lot of filmgoers out there who are willing to give old slasher franchises another try.

Jason hasn’t made it to the big screen since 2009’s widely panned Friday the 13th remake, so perhaps the time is right for a comeback. In the meantime, there’s still this messiness to clear up around the legal rights. Recently, the court ruled in favor of Victor Miller, writer of the 1980 original. This means that Miller has the US rights to the characters and locations within the story, though director Sean Cunningham and his Horror, Inc. banner have filed a notice of appeal.

But while this lengthy legal saga isn’t done quite yet, things are looking pretty good right now for LeBron James and his planned resurrection of the Friday the 13th franchise.