LeBron James Showed Up To Last Night’s Lakers Game In Jason Voorhees Costume


LeBron James reaffirmed his fondness for the Friday the 13th movies by showing up at yesterday’s Lakers game in a full Jason Voorhees outfit.

The choice of costume was no doubt intended as a tease of what’s to come for this un-killable slasher franchise, as James and his SpringHill Entertainment company were recently reported to be in talks with Vertigo Entertainment to reboot the popular property. Though this seems like a drastic departure in tone from the NBA star’s other upcoming film project (Space Jam 2), James has shown himself in the past to be a pretty big fan of horror in general and Jason in particular, having rocked a fantastic Pennywise costume for last year’s Halloween and released his own Friday the 13th-themed sneakers.

And speaking of masked killers, James also shared a video yesterday of himself dressed in a Michael Myers mask while watching Halloween II. As the man himself puts it, it’s “Michael watching Michael!”

Michael Watching Michael

LeBron James is truly a Halloweenie.

Posted by Halloweenies: A Michael Myers Podcast on Wednesday, October 31, 2018

With David Gordon Green’s new Halloween surpassing Scream as the all-time highest-grossing slasher flick, this certainly seems like the right time for producers to start talking about giving Jason another chance.

The hockey-masked murderer hasn’t made it to the big screen since 2009’s widely panned Friday the 13th remake, and there’s good reason for that, with the property recently caught up in a messy legal dispute between writer Victor Miller and Horror Inc. Though the court recently ruled in favor of Miller – giving the scribe behind the 1980 original the US rights to the characters and locations within the story – director Sean Cunningham and his team have filed a notice of appeal, ensuring that this brawl over ownership isn’t over quite yet.

All the same, James seems pretty set on bringing Friday the 13th back to our screens, and it’ll be interesting to see what this verified fan has in mind.