Halloween Passes Scream As Highest Grossing Slasher Movie Of All-Time


By now, I certainly hope you’ve taken the time to see Blumhouse’s recently released Halloween sequel because I firmly believe it to be the best entry into the franchise since the 1978 original – and so, too, does my esteemed colleague Christian Bone, who eloquently expressed his opinion in a feature of his own.

So, even if not every moviegoer out there agrees with us, it would appear that a fair amount of you view the flick favorably. I mean, when you factor in a $77.5 million opening weekend and pile another $32 million on top of that shortly thereafter, I imagine someone must be interested.

In fact, these impressive numbers mean that 2018’s Halloween has now passed the original Scream movie released in 1996 in order to become the highest grossing slasher picture ever, accruing $126.6 million. And in case you were wondering, the Wes Craven classic from my youth brought in an impressive $103 million in its day.

Being a lover of both series, I don’t mind seeing one outshine the other in a financial sense, though it is cool to see the master overtake the student at long last, if you will. Obviously, Kevin Williamson’s screenplay was influenced by the work of John Carpenter, even referencing it and lead villain Michael Myers on various occasions. Funny enough, H20 repaid the favor a couple of years later by including a clip from Scream 2, which still forces me to wonder how the universe didn’t collapse on itself.

Seeing as how Halloween is only two weeks into its box office run, we fully expect for it to continue raking in some considerable dough, especially with the eponymous holiday arriving this very week. As always, you’re encouraged to keep watching this space as more develops.