Frozen 2 Star Teases That Elsa And Honeymaren Will Grow Closer


Going into Frozen 2Disney fans were eager to see if all the talk of Elsa getting a girlfriend came to anything. As it happened, this wasn’t the case. The filmmakers explained that they didn’t think the snow queen was ready to embark on a romance yet as she’s still discovering her own identity. That said, Elsa did develop a bond with Honeymaren, one of the Northuldra people that Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf befriend over the course of the sequel.

There’s no romantic subtext to the pair’s interactions in the movie, but this hasn’t stopped fans from hoping that something could develop between them after the events of Frozen 2. After all, the film ended with Elsa abdicating the throne of Arrendale, with Anna taking over, and relocating to the Northuldra forests to be closer to nature, where she felt she belongs.

We haven’t got an official confirmation of what happens next for these characters, but actress Rachel Matthews provided an answer in a recent interview that should please fans. The star was asked by ScreenRant what she thought was next for her character and she focused on Elsa and Honeymaren getting closer, saying:

“Honeymaren is probably learning a lot from Elsa and is so curious about her powers. I’m sure Elsa is discovering more about herself and this new life that she now has with our people, and I think they’re probably all teaching each other things.”

The interviewer then added: “I love that, and I like to imagine more scenes of Honeymaren and Elsa.” Matthews replied, “Me too.” SR then offered, “that was a great little friendship there,” to which the actress responded: “Yes.”

Frozen 3 hasn’t been greenlit yet, but considering the enormous success of the sequel – it’s counted as the highest-grossing animated movie of all time – Disney will no doubt make one eventually. It just might take a few years, like the substantial gap between Frozen and Frozen 2. And if it does happen, it sounds like there’s the possibility that Elsa could come out as gay.

Tell us, though, what did you make of Elsa and Honeymaren’s friendship in Frozen 2? Slide on over to the comments section and share your opinion.

Source: ScreenRant

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