Frozen 2 Director Addresses Whether There’ll Be Another Sequel


Fans are currently eager to know whether there’ll be a Frozen 3 after the sequel to the original film managed to become one of the highest-grossing movies of last year.

Frozen 2 served as a continuation of Elsa’s story in a journey to find out who she really is and once again save the kingdom of Arendelle from ruin. The unforgettable characters of Disney’s animated feature film, including Elsa’s sister, Anna, and fan-favorites like Christoph and Olaf also came back to give folks the sequel that they’d been waiting for ever since the first movie came out in 2013.

But the question that everyone’s asking right now is will there be a third installment and if so, will the series finally give Elsa a love interest to fill in the void that was felt in the first two movies?

Well, to answer the former, Peter Del Vecho, who served as a producer for Frozen 2, had the following to say when asked if the story had really come to an end.

“I think when we look at these two movies together what I love about them is you’ve done an amazing job of weaving these into one full story so it now feels like a complete journey.”

Director Jennifer Lee was quick to chime in as well, not ruling out the possibility but refusing to confirm it, saying:

“It feels complete to me – but I don’t know. Chris [Buck, co-director and writer with Lee] says ask him in a year.”

While that may not be the answer you’ve been looking for, it certainly gives us hope that the directors might consider bringing these characters back if they have a solid narrative to build upon.

As for if Elsa will finally get a love interest in the threequel, sources close to We Got This Covered had previously claimed that the Mouse House wants to give the Snow Queen a girlfriend in the third installment. In fact, they’d have done it sooner, but Disney feared that some countries would ban the sequel because of it.

At any rate, considering the huge gap between the first two movies, it’ll be a while before we hear about Frozen 3, but it seems very likely that we’ll be getting at least one more outing for the franchise. Even despite the fact that Lee and Del Vecho are playing coy when asked about it. After all, this is Hollywood and money talks, right?

Source: Express