First Full Look At Captain Marvel’s New Avengers: Endgame Suit Revealed


At some point in the twenty-plus years that elapsed between the events of Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame, Carol Danvers apparently thought that a change of style was in order. This was first suggested in the post-credits of the heroine’s solo debut, when she showed up at the Avengers Compound rocking a new outfit. And thanks to some recently shared pics, we now have our best look yet at Carol’s latest costume.

Though the new look isn’t drastically different from the suit worn by Brie Larson in the final third of Captain Marvel, the fresh design is still noteworthy for it golden shoulders. Some recent Endgame TV spots have already offered a fleeting glimpse of the outfit, namely in a scene where Carol co-pilots the Benatar alongside Rocket, but until now, we’ve yet to see the costume in such detail.

Interestingly, while the post-credits scene of Captain Marvel indicates that she arrives at the Avengers HQ looking like this, the Endgame clip released last week seems to imply that she changes into more casual clothing shortly afterwards, only to change back later. In these urgent post-snap times, it’s unclear why Carol would take a minute to put on jeans and a black top, but hey, after more than two decades traveling the cosmos, maybe her trademark suit just needed a wash.

Regardless, after the cliffhanger ending of Avengers: Infinity War, it’s generally assumed that Captain Marvel will be a key player in turning the tide against Thanos. In the aforementioned clip, she even seemed confident that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes can succeed in taking the Mad Titan’s Infinity Gauntlet, now that she’s on their side. That being said, we’ll find out if their mission goes as smoothly as hoped when Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th.

Source: Twitter