Full Trailer For Rob Zombie’s 3 From Hell Arriving On Monday

3 From Hell

Following on from Rob Zombie’s teasing social media countdown, the first 3 From Hell trailer finally hit the web last month and though it did give us a look at the upcoming sequel to 2005’s The Devil’s Rejects, it kept things pretty short and slight, not really showing off a whole lot.

Running for just under a minute in length, it gave us a taste of the chaos to come but crucially, didn’t really dive much into the plot or provide us with anything meaty to feast on. We’ve been told though that the pic will be touching down in theaters this fall and now, we’re finally about to get a proper idea of what’s in store for us.

That’s because Zombie announced earlier today that the first full-length trailer for 3 From Hell will be with us this coming Monday, July 15th. No exact time was given, but we imagine it’ll be online around 9am EST, as with the preview we got back in June. In other words, make sure you’re up early to catch it.

Of course, we’re not sure what we’ll get to see just yet, but hopefully it’ll be a more substantial look at the pic. After all, the movie has been in development for an awfully long time now as it was long delayed so that the musician-turned-director could tour with Marilyn Manson.

Regarding its upcoming release, Zombie had the following to share:

“This event is a long time coming, the journey of these characters has always been special to me and I am thrilled to finally let the fans experience the next episode of the Firefly madness. This project was a true labor of love for everyone involved and we know we have created something amazing for the loyal followers of these films. Let the insanity begin!”

Clearly, this is a film that means an awful lot to him and hopefully, horror fans will leave the theater feeling satisfied with what Zombie’s put together when 3 From Hell finally arrives on September 16th.