A Fun And Forgotten Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Just Hit Netflix

arnold schwarzenegger

Ever since making his return to acting following a stint as the 38th Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger seems to have been having more fun than usual, as well as attempting to branch out and tackle the kind of roles that were a rarity during the height of his success as one of the biggest movie stars the business had ever seen.

His comeback vehicle The Last Stand is a sorely undervalued gem, while his tongue-in-cheek cameos in The Expendables franchise saw him having an absolute blast as his character Trench turned out to show more self-awareness than his Terminator ever could. Obviously, the big Austrian has also reprised his signature role twice in Genisys and Dark Fate, but following the fourth disappointing sequel in a row, it appears as though the franchise may finally be done for good this time.

The 72 year-old has also tackled more serious fare, too, giving one of the best dramatic performances of his career in post-apocalyptic zombie drama Maggie as well as doing solid work as a grieving family man in Aftermath. However, one of the most overlooked entries in Schwarzenegger’s recent filmography has just dropped on Netflix, one that makes fantastic use of his underrated comedic talents.

killing gunther

Saturday Night Live alum Taran Killian wrote and directed 2017’s Killing Gunther, an ensemble comedy that centers on a hitman looking to make a name for himself by taking out the world’s most famous assassin, with Schwarzenegger popping in and out of the movie as the title character to constantly make a fool of his adversaries.

Although he doesn’t have a huge amount of screentime, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the action legend is the highlight of Killing Gunther, and easily walks away with the title of MVP. If anything, the movie only goes to show that Schwarzenegger should dive headfirst into the comedy genre more often, given how clear it is that he’s having the time of his life here hamming it up.