Spider-Man Will Reportedly Wear The Symbiote Suit In Next Trilogy

Spider-Man 3

The symbiote storyline remains one of the most iconic Spider-Man comic book arcs of all-time, even if the live-action adaptation was a major disappointment. Hype levels from fans went through the roof when it was first revealed that Sam Raimi’s third movie was going to give them Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker in the iconic black suit, but obviously the marketing materials wouldn’t hint at the behind the scenes discontent that had plagued the production.

Raimi never wanted to include Venom or Eddie Brock in the story, feeling that Sandman’s arc and Harry Osborn following in his father’s footsteps was more than enough, but under pressure from Sony, he eventually relented. Unsurprisingly, then, it turned out to be the weakest part of the already bloated Spider-Man 3, but tipster Mikey Sutton claims that the studio are willing to try again.

Of course, the symbiote is currently a focal point of Sony’s SPUMC after Venom raked in over $850 million at the box office, and there’ve been no shortage of rumors that Toms Hardy and Holland will cross paths sooner rather than later. According to Sutton, in fact, the two studios are planning to have the symbiote attach itself to Peter Parker in his fourth solo movie, presumably building towards an epic showdown between Spider-Man and Venom in the future.

We know that Tom Holland is set to stick around as both the SPUMC and MCU’s Spidey for a while yet, and his next run of adventures are widely expected to follow him throughout college. Not only that, but with the cross-pollination between Sony and Marvel becoming even more obvious in the likes of Spider-Man 3 and Morbius, a second stab at the symbiote story certainly has an air of inevitability surrounding it.