Second Spider-Man Trilogy Reportedly Focuses On Peter’s College Years

Tom Holland-Spider-Man

As things stand, Tom Holland has currently played Spider-Man the same number of times as Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield combined, with the currently shooting third installment marking the young actor’s sixth outing under the costume. Of course, that’s all set to change quite soon, though, as the two previous incumbents of the spandex are as good as confirmed to return in the threequel, adding another notch each onto their respective Spider-belts.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man 3 is already guaranteed to be the biggest web-slinging blockbuster yet in terms of sheer scope and scale based on the names attached so far, and that’s without even mentioning the ones restricted solely to the rumor mill for now, but the smart money is on it being the only one to feature such an expansive reality-hopping narrative.

The multiverse is obviously key to whatever the overarching plot of Phase Four turns out to be, but Kevin Feige and his team will be very wary of playing their biggest hand too early. WandaVision, Spider-Man 3 and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness are all going to be connected to each other in a number of ways, no doubt, but that doesn’t mean every future project has to rely on multiple realities and timelines.

In fact, tipster Mikey Sutton is claiming as much after reporting that once Spider-Man 3, brings Holland’s first trilogy to a close, his next three solo outings will focus on Peter’s college years. He doesn’t offer up any further details, but Homecoming and Far From Home were heavily inspired and influenced by 1980s teen comedies, and based on the franchise’s current trajectory, it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine Marvel taking cues from the likes of Animal House or Revenge of the Nerds when the hero eventually ships out to his institution of choice.