Gal Gadot blasts Joss Whedon after he denies ‘Justice League’ accusations

wonder woman justice league
Image via Warner Bros.

Joss Whedon probably thought that doing a wide-ranging interview discussing the myriad of allegations made against him by a number of former collaborators was a good idea in practice, allowing him to tell his unobstructed side of the story in public for the very first time.

However, the filmmaker has only continued to dig himself into an even deeper hole, with his comments igniting fury from both the online community, and those he’s alleged to have wronged. Ray Fisher responded diplomatically when his Justice League director called him a bad actor on all fronts, and now Gal Gadot has weighed in.

In the Vulture interview, The Avengers and Age of Ultron helmer claimed that he didn’t threaten to derail Gadot’s entire career, chalking it up to a miscommunication due to English not being her first language. Naturally, the Wonder Woman actress wasn’t having any of it, and she offered her rebuttal in no uncertain terms.

“I understood perfectly. I will never work with him, and would never suggest any of my peers work with him in the future.”

Trying to shift the blame towards the cast of the DCEU blockbuster has backfired spectacularly, especially when he’s been slinging mud at Fisher, Gal Gadot, the rest of the Justice League ensemble, and even Zack Snyder in a desperate and ultimately failed attempt to try and salvage his reputation.

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