Gal Gadot Stuns As Wonder Woman In Latest Promo For Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice


“I thought she was with you?” Gal Gadot stuns as Wonder Woman in the latest promo for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, flaunting Diana Prince’s all-powerful Bracelets of Submission ahead of the film’s arrival next week, March 25.

Gadot, best known for her breakout performances across the Fast and Furious franchise, is on the verge of making her big-screen debut as DC’s Amazonian Warrior, before getting a bona fide origins story via the Patty Jenkins-directed offshoot in 2017.


An old confidant to Ben Affleck’s Caped Crusader, it’s understood that Gadot’s heroine will have crossed paths with Bats by the time Zack Snyder’s flick kicks off – hence The Dark Knight Rises-esque ballroom dance sequence – before eventually siding with Affleck’s musclebound guardian and Henry Cavill’s Superman to target the psychotic Lex Luthor (played with delightful glee by Jesse Eisenberg).

Dabbling with the corpse of one General Zod, Dawn of Justice will see Eisenberg’s supervillain birth another supervillain of his own, Doomsday. And while those earlier trailers revealed a grotesque lump of CG wizardry, if it seeds a union between Batman, Supes and Gadot’s Wonder Woman, we’re all for it.

Before headlining Patty Jenkins’ standalone Wonder Woman origins tale next year, expect Gadot’s Diana Prince to descend on Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice next week, March 25. To go up close and personal with the latest image, you can find the full, uncropped version below.