Gal Gadot Wears Batman’s Cowl In New Justice League BTS Photo

batman justice league

Justice League has obviously been on the minds of most comic book and movie fans with the news that the Snyder Cut will be completed and released on HBO Max in 2021. Director Zack Snyder has been teasing fans with images from his vision of the film, including more of Darkseid, but he’s not the only person giving us some behind-the-scenes content.

Ray Fisher shared a photo from a scrapped scene of his character Cyborg last week and now another still from production has been released. The pic – seen below – shows Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, dawning Batman’s cowl. It’s clearly a bit too large for her, but it was no doubt a funny moment that day on set.

Of course, comic book fans love it when superheroes use other superhero’s accessories. There was Spider-Man briefly holding Cap’s shield in Captain America: Civil War and who can forget Cap wielding Thor’s hammer at the end of Avengers: Endgame? Wonder Woman wearing the cowl is a bit more impractical, but seeing the iconic female superhero wearing that familiar mask is striking all the same.

The cast of Justice League is reportedly returning to record some additional dialogue for the Snyder Cut, but according to some, that will be pretty much the extent of their involvement in reshoots. Then again, we’ve heard conflicting reports on this, as other outlets have said a few of the principal actors could return to film new scenes.

Whatever ends up happening, it remains to be seen if Snyder will be able to salvage a mediocre superhero movie. It doesn’t really matter at this point because people will watch it regardless, but it’ll certainly be interesting to find out if Justice League can be vastly improved once Zack puts his finishing touches on it.